Robbins Genealogical Research
PO Box 318
Taylor, PA. 18517-0318

Researching primarily Lackawanna, Luzerne & Wayne Counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania

I search courthouse, library, historical society records and any other sources which can include and are not limited to:
1. Newspaper microfilm
2. Family histories
3. Local histories
4. City Directories
5. Biographical collections
6. Marriage records
7. Wills/ Probates
8. Deeds
9. Census
10. Available Birth Records
11. Available Death Records
12. Cemeteries
13. Obituaries

Hourly rate for research $35 per hour.
A retainer of $70 to begin work, this full amount is applied to your hourly charges. Any remainder is refunded to you.

Specific record extraction with correct date and/or index information-$20 per record

Copies, photographs up to $2.00 included $.25 per copy afterwards.

Understand that rates are for research time. You will be notified of any results, positive or negative.

Documents that cannot be photocopied because of their condition, regulations of facility, style of handwriting, etc., will be transcribed.
Every effort will be taken to acquire the best available copy.

To ensure that we do not spend time performing research that has already been done; please provide information on all of the documents and
information you currently have related to your research objective.

You have several payment options. You can pay with credit card online using PayPal (Click the PayPal Verified logo below); or you can send a check or money order. If you send a check, we will wait until the check clears before starting any research.

Send all correspondence to:
F. Robbins
Robbins Genealogical Research
PO Box 318
Taylor, PA 18517-0318
Or email :
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